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Hello, I am a graphic artist and welcome to my personal website. I am a freelance designer who hopes to work for an in-house agency someday. I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University in graphic design and have since continued to advance my knowledge and experience with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Word Press. My portfolio contains projects I created over the last two years for local community events as well as volunteer work for charity and professional organizations throughout the country. The projects range from ads and logos to business cards and posters.
As a result, I received real world experience by marketing myself and networking with other professionals in business and charity. My attention to detail and turnaround time have also benefited by working on projects from start to finish whether large or small. Other than my internship, nothing has helped me to improve my skills and experience as a graphic artist for success more than freelancing.